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Sono Motors' solar body survives first crash test

Sono Motors' solar body survives first crash test

Feb 07, 2023

The company reports that the solar technology integrated into the body didn't shatter when it hit the test bench head-on. The speed of the collision is 50 kilometers per hour.


Sono Motors has carried out preliminary crash tests of its planned series electric car, the Sion: Certification body CSI crashed the Sion head-on at 50 km/h on a test bench in Italy. The company did not say how the vehicle performed, other than to say the results were in line with expectations. But how does the indigenous polymer solar technology integrated into the body handle the impact: It doesn't shatter. Therefore, there is no danger to occupants and other road users.


Sono Motors intends to conduct a total of around 300 physical component, sled and full vehicle tests prior to type approval, which should confirm the results of years of crash simulations. Based on the physical and simulation tests conducted so far, the company expects the Sion to meet all legal requirements for pedestrian and occupant protection. In addition to the legally required testing program, the company conducts additional EURO NCAP (European New Car Assessment Program) crash tests to improve the Sion's crash safety for women and children.


In December, the company announced a lack of funding to further develop Sion. Currently, Sono Motors is attempting to obtain payment commitments from customers and other interested parties through a campaign. It is unclear whether the funds raised will be sufficient to cover the necessary investments needed to conduct pilot production. If Sion fails, Sono Motors can continue to develop its solar technology as a stand-alone business. Sono Motors' solar technology could also be integrated into a bus or truck.

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