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Germany, Poland, solar and storage co-location projects are on the rise!

Germany, Poland, solar and storage co-location projects are on the rise!

Jun 24, 2024

Germany, Poland, the UK and Ireland's integrated electricity markets are the leading markets for co-location of renewable energy and battery storage systems in Europe. With the exception of Germany, these countries also have the most favorable policies and regulations, according to power market analysis company Aurora Energy.



In its European Renewable Energy Co-location Report, Aurora Energy looked at the potential for co-location in 12 European countries. In Germany, co-location offers attractive revenue stacking opportunities, low grid charges and mitigates significant risks of renewables competing with each other, while Poland has a strong subsidy environment including long-term capacity market contracts.


The UK is one of the most favorable markets due to favorable regulations, allowing co-location projects to access multiple markets and providing faster grid connection for co-located renewable energy projects. Ireland's integrated electricity market was rated high in the Aurora Energy study, with favorable legislation in this market promoting faster grid connection and mitigating the risk of power outages for renewable energy.


In terms of policies and regulations, a total of five countries were rated as the most favorable markets in the report. The Polish market offers long-term capacity market revenues and new cable aggregation regulations, while Hungary has introduced mandatory co-location measures for solar PV projects "above a certain size."

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