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Jan 13, 2023
BIPV Glass / Glass
BIPV glass solar modules are valued for their properties of longevity and resistance to environmental conditions. Therefore glass/glass module technology is recognized and are most commonly used solution in the BIPV market. Not only are these modules a great construction material for buildings, but having energy generation in mind, allows such building to stand out in emerging smart city environment. BIPV glass panel customization options from WEUP provides architects with freedom of choice to design and implement visually unique energy efficient solar facades.
Solar Modules Size Options
WEUP Power manufacturing capabilities allow flexible variations in module sizes, cell arrangement and module shape. Here we provide most commonly used solar panel options, though other sizes,transparency, cell arrangement, JB and other options are possible on demand.
Width: 150mm – 1700mm
Lengths: 150mm – 4000mm
Solar Modules Shape Options
Full black modules are used when complete fusion with an object and invisibility is required.
Cell Arrangement Variations
In our produced solar panels cells can be arranged customly on your demand.


BIPV Module Styles
Besides standard BIPV glass modules We offer variety of glass module options.

Full black modules

Visually attractive modules are often used when complete fusion and invisibility are required. Although this technology has lower light transmission and energy generation properties compared to transparent glass modules.
· With satin glass
· With float glass

Terracotta tile modules

Terracotta glass modules are often used for BIPV projects to achieve exceptional solar facade design or as a roof solution, in most cases acting as a terra cotta style roof tile. In some cases this solution is chosen for projects that focuses on architectural heritage or old town areas where strong limitations are present.
· With terracotta colored glass

Colored glass modules

Installation advantages of using such colored glass option is that solar cells are almost invisible.
· 12 dynamic colors


Modules Thickness Options

Glass / Glass

Glass thickness: 3mm – 6mm
Module thickness: 7.5mm – 13.5mm

Glass / Backsheet

Glass thickness: 3mm – 6mm
Module thickness: 4.5mm – 7.5mm


Solar Glass Colors


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