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  • Are batteries worthwhile with solar? Are batteries worthwhile with solar?
    Mar 01, 2023
    Batteries are important partners in solar energy systems. Batteries store excess energy produced by solar systems and also provide backup power during power outages.     Batteries replace the grid by adding them to your solar system.   When solar energy is generated, it will power your home appliances that need electricity.   If the amount of solar energy is less than what your appliance needs, the rest will be taken from the battery. If the battery is empty or can't provide a full load, the rest will still be pulled from the grid as a last resort.   If more solar energy is generated than your appliance needs, the excess will be stored in the battery. If the battery is full, the excess power is fed into the grid as a last resort.   By adding batteries to your solar system, you can make yourself more self-sufficient. More electricity in your home will come from the sun. Batteries give you backup power in the event of a power outage. Our high-end systems will switch you from grid power to battery power in a split second, and you won't even notice the grid has lost power.
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